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Maystar Quality

Maystar prides itself on using some of the highest standards in construction industry available today. Maystar is one of the only builders in Foxboro that builds to the Energy Star Certified Home quality. This ensures that each home is built to higher standard of insulation quality which significantly reduces the heating and cooling expenses. This is achieved by building with 2 X 6 frame construction only. Using blown in cellulose insulation instead of fiberglass insulation for the exterior walls, and even using sprayed closed cell foam to enhance the performance of the heating and cooling systems for the home.

The continued long term performance of the home is enhanced by easy to care for products like cement siding and PVC exterior trim. Both of these two products come with a 15 year paint warranty and 50 product warranty. By using Harvey energy star maintenance free windows, with the built in exterior vinyl casing, that have a 10 year warranty. The Harvey windows and doors exceed the insulation performance of an Anderson clad window, that ensures these windows will have long term energy performance and durability. Each home is designed to have its unique exterior features but with a common theme, so that there is a nice design flow to the homes in the subdivision.

Maystar uses the Amana Heating and Cooling HVAC system that carry a 10 year parts and labor warranty. All the systems are designed to improve the indoor air quality and comfort the home. Maystar has developed in collaboration with a medical doctor their own Health Home option, for those families that might have issues with allergies or asthma.

Interior design is also where Maystar excels. Kathy works closely with both the clients and the architect to add a level of functionality and live ability to the designs that ensure that the custom home meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations. This is further enhanced by having Kathy’s nephew, Mark, work with her to design and build custom built in cabinets. These include unique mudrooms with individual cubbyholes and benches, to command centers for organizing family lives with specific locations for cell phone, laptop computer and magnetic white boards. This collaboration has become one of the most sought after items for Maystar homes and has been incorporated into all designs.