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The following article was published in Builder/Architect magazine in May of 2002 nicely summarizes the accomplishments of Maystar Realty Corporation and provides some insight to the owners and their accomplishments. Remember that this article was written over 8 years ago, and as you will learn in other sections of this website, Greg and Kathy continue to build the highest quality homes to this day.

Greg and Kathy Spier of Maystar Realty Corporation understand that building your home is more than a series of meetings, permits and inspections. For them, it is a privilege that deserves their full attention, creativity and expertise. It is their goal to deliver a world-class process and , int he end, a home of outstanding design and integrity.

The Spier’s combined talents and design innovation guarantee that every home they build is distinctive – yet unmistakably – a Maystar creation.

“Out exterior designs are a huge selling point because that’s what everyone sees; that’s our Maystar insignia,” admits Kathy with pride. “We really encourage clients to incorporate something different, yet in keeping with the design flow of the neighborhood that we are creating.”

The same holds true for their interior designs. The entire design process takes from two to six months. Kathy and Greg work directly with the customers to discuss their housing needs. They then work with the architect to incorporate the customer’s “wish list” and lifestyle information into a preliminary design. Architect Henry Arnaudo of HPA Design and his staff create all of Maystar’s custom designs. “Together, Henry, Greg, myself and the customers mold their dreams into reality. This encourages the customer to have a hand in creating a dream house that is uniquely theirs,” says Kathy. “For example, one home design idea that I’m particularly proud of is the family room of one of our more recent homes. We had an 18 bu 30-foot family room and we wanted to design this large room into a warm and inviting area that would have a good furniture layout. We constructed columns coming into the room and tied those columns into the trim work around each window, and in turn, into of the of the feature windows of this home. This Gothic grill-style window has a cathedral ceiling to help add interest in the ceiling area and this is mimicked in the foyer, too. The result is warm and appealing.”

The wealth of such inventive ideas is the result of collaboration between the Spier’s and their associates. They’re quick to recognize the loyalty and talent of their subcontractors, many of whom have been with them for 13 years. “We all work together,” says Kathy. “It;s truly a team effort between us and our custom cabinet maker, finish carpenter, appliance dealer, electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling, flooring, and our lighting suppliers.”

Maystar’s current project, Stonehurst, is a 100-acre subdivision of upscale homes in Foxboro, MA. The company worked for more than three years to acquire six parcels of land and obtain the necessary approvals to create Stonehurst. The natural setting has been maintained by the building of three bridges over protected wetlands. Greg and Kathy went above and beyond in protecting and enhancing the already outstanding natural features of the raw land. “With only 38 lots, it’s not high density,” smiles Greg. “With may of the trees maintained, it truly is a lovely neighborhood.

Their elegant homes, which range in price from $600,000 to well over $1 million, are marketed exclusively by Gil Campos, a very experienced and well-respected real estate professional. “The difference between Kathy and Greg and most other builders is evident when you start working with them, explains Gil. “Some builders are accountants and know the numbers better than the structure. Others are framers that know the structure but don’t communicate will with clients. Kathy and Greg are a refreshing combination. Greg knows the structure inside and out, and Kathy has created the smoothest process I have ever encountered. It is a joy to work with them. Their approach to building is totally focused on creating the best home for each client. In fact, after building a home for a customer with specific health issues, Greg created a package he call healthy house concept that is available to all of his customers.”

“We’ve worked closely with doctors to design houses that address issues of asthma and allergies,” Greg explains. “Now we use a filtration system and special insulation as our standard on all the houses we build, even for those who do not require a ‘healthy house.'”

Maystar also prides itself on using maintenance-free materials. The joy of owning a Maystar home is enhanced by an easy care and maintenance schedule. Greg uses Hankiplank siding. This product is a cement board siding that has a 15-year paint warranty and a 50-year product guarantee. “Not only is this a maintenance plus, but the product is also great looking,” says Greg. Maystar has also recently signed on with the Energy Star Homes program, which is a utility consortium that promotes the benefits of building energy efficient, high performance homes.

Maystar was selected as “Builder of the Year” in 2000 by the Home Builders Association of Massachusetts ( “This was quite an honor,” Greg said. Always active in the builders associations, he is currently Vice President of the stat association. “It’s a great pleasure to be able to give back some of what I have received,” he said. Greg’s introduction to building came as a child when he worked with his father. He entered the trade in the late ’70s, when he worked in Texas for the Trammell Crow Company, and in Florida, as a commercial developer. He returned to Foxboro to develop and build a 120-unit apartment complex with his dad, Alex. From there he started his own company, Maystar Corporation, and continued his career in commercial development. He added the residential development and building of homes in the mid 1980s.

Greg and Kathy are both happy in their marriage and their work together. Their unique combination of talents and perspectives, along with a great working relationship, allows them to build homes that, aside from boasting elegant accouterments, come complete with the signature of a happy home. That’s a special touch only a husband and wife team can provide.